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How the CSA Works

Over the course of the season, usually beginning with the second week of June, you would receive a weekly box containing a variety of freshly-picked vegetables delivered to one of our thirteen pick-up sites (see Pick-up site information ). Beginning in late October, and continuing until Thanksgiving, you would receive a box every two weeks, with produce coming either from our greenhouses, or from our coolers and storage rooms. You may choose between two sizes of boxes: a full share’s box is designed to feed from three to five adults, while a half share’s box, receiving half to two-thirds as much, is designed for two adults. A quarter share’s box, receives just about half of what the half share receives and is designed for one adult. Throughout the entire season you would typically receive a total of 22 boxes, each which would include from seven to fourteen different vegetables, herbs, and fruits.

In addition to the regular Half and Full Shares, also available are a December Share, a delivery comprised of at least 35 lbs. of carrots, potatoes, garlic, onions, leeks, cabbage, winter squash, beets, rutabagas, parsnips, greens, along with 2 dozen eggs; and a Chard/Kale/Greens Share, a large weekly bunch of Swiss chard in the summer or kale in the fall, and occasionally beet greens, bok choi, arugula, spinach, and/or napa cabbage; and an Egg Share, comprised of certified organic eggs laid by pastured chickens raised by other farmers. The eggs are delivered every other week, and you'll receive a total of 13 egg deliveries.



Interested in buying a share? Just click the link below, fill out the form, make a note of your total, hit submit, and then send us a check to our address on the confirmation page.

When paying for the share, you can pay in total up front, or you could send in three installments, one dated the current date, and the other two dated 7/1 and 9/1. We will wait to deposit those checks until their respective dates.



- You would be assured of receiving the freshest possible produce coming from a local farm              

- You would be certain of receiving vegetables grown without the use of potentially toxic herbicides, pesticides, and chemicals                

-You would be receiving varieties of vegetables chosen more for their taste and nutritional value rather than their shipping and machine-harvesting capability              

- You would be supporting a local farm, and one dedicated to preserving the soil, the environment, and the ecological balance     and diversity of the area              

- You could choose to receive eggs laid by chickens that have the freedom to run and scratch outside, whose feed is organically raised  

- You would be conveniently doing a week’s worth of vegetable shopping simply by picking up your box  

- You would have a direct connection to the farm, and to the people producing some of your food. (You would also be welcome to visit the farm, including on open days the farm hosts each season)

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