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Farm Report - June 23rd, 2015

Posted 6/23/2015 1:48pm by Peter & Bernadette Seely.

Another welcome downpour yesterday, giving needed moisture to the growing crops! A lot of the vegetables that we are growing for you are relatively shallow-rooted, and so in our relatively porous, gravelly Kettle Moraine soil (that we are both blessed and cursed with) frequent waterings are ideal, if not absolutely necessary. (The other crops common to this area of Wisconsin — corn, grass, alfalfa — all have longer taproots that can seek out moisture much deeper in the subsoil, so tend to do well even in drier summers. But crops such as the cucurbits (melons, cucumbers, summer squash), onions, lettuce, and potatoes, for example, need lots of water, and our relatively light soil doesn’t have the water-holding capacity that a heavier soil would have. The good characteristic of our soil, though, aside from being relatively flood-proof, is that we can re-enter our field quite soon after it rains, and continue with the planting, cultivating (i.e. weeding), and harvesting, all of which need to be done on a timely basis! It's hard to walk in the field when mud collects and sticks to your boots, and a disaster to work the wet fields with a tractor!

On our new field we are currently installing a well, so that we’ll be able to apply water when needed. Unlike California, and other parts of the world, Wisconsin still has adequate underground supplies of water that we farmers can draw on! Fortunate for us! Crops report: Most crops are growing well! One beetle that often bothers some of our spring-planted crops — the flea beetle — did some early damage to our first broccoli plantings, and the broccoli plants did not recover well (like the cabbage plants that were similarly ‘attacked’), so there will be little broccoli in the June and July boxes. Fortunately, we rarely have problems with the flea beetle in August and September, so the fall plantings of broccoli should yield well for us.

A few families of woodchucks have taken to a few of our lettuce plantings, and so we’ll be short on lettuce in a few weeks. For some reason they are attracted to marshmallows, so we are beginning to trap them by using marshmallows as bait, after which we can relocate them elsewhere. Do you need any woodchucks brought into your neighborhood?!

We just finished planting sweet potatoes, and the brussels sprouts, and they are off to a great start!

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