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Fall activities on Springdale Farm

Posted 9/5/2014 9:31am by Peter & Bernadette Seely.

More harvesting going on than planting, obviously, at this time of year.  Major crops that take a lot of time to get off the field are the potatoes,  winter squash, and carrots.   We are building some more storage facilities for these crops; we trust they'll be done soon.  Yields of all of them look good, so we'll need the storage rooms.  Previously we find every unused nook and cranny in every building and greenhouse to fit our full crates,  so it will be nice if they have their own dedicated, and temperature controlled, storage rooms.  Fortunately, the harvesting window for these crops is usually a few weeks long, unlikely other crops, like lettuce, which needs to be picked within a couple of days of peak maturity.  Of course, that can change quickly, as, for example,  several good soaking rains making the digging of the root crops too muddy to undertake.  Ripping out of the greenhouse crops -- tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, and zucchini -- is followed by the planting of spinach, lettuce, kale and other hardy vegetables that should be ready in December, at the latest.  Nice to be able to get two or three crops out of the greenhouses if at all possible!   We make a lot of compost, using locally available manures (cattle, chicken, and horse), our own vegetables wastes that our pigs don't consume, spent mushroom compost, old straw, old hay, fresh grass, animal bedding, and anything else once living.

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